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Alina Noir

Who’d have thought that twerking could be so beautiful, artistic and moving?

Incredibly, A River With Late Waters by Alina Noir was posted over two years ago and has only just reached 400 views on Youtube. It deserves a LOT more exposure because its one of the best things on the whole site. So please reblog this, leave appreciative comments and generally be grateful you got to see such a work of unique genius.

Alina Noir is a Romanian-born photographer who has an artist’s studio in Lyon where she works with a team of theater actors and ballet dancers. Because Lyon is a Renaissance city, her work is impregnated by her surroundings, and she is influenced by classical paintings. Her big idols are Caravaggio and Fra Filippo Lippi. She says that:

I shoot theatre and nude photography. Shooting nude came to me just as naturally as shooting black-and-white. Nudity is a very strong costume which can express an infinite variety of human situations and emotions, like force, fragility, sexual despair, attractiveness, solitude, or connection. I am interested in observing how bodies interact with each other and in a given space. I am very lucky to have a team of theater actors and dancers who are able to communicate my ideas through movements and facial expressions. Everybody I work with has a strong interest in art and a healthy artistic practice which they complement by working with me. It is a great privilege to have models who find pleasure in using their bodies as a vehicle for emotion, not just as attractive surfaces.


This is a fine example of her black and white photography featuring the same model, Caroline, who is in the video.


And this is one of her classically influenced photos though I’m not sure which painting this is based on.

Mel Suicide

Mel Suicide

Talking of pop art, this SG set pays dazzling homage to the Hollywood swimming pool pictures of David Hockney. Either of the top two shots would make a great wallpaper for your computer. The turquoise blue and white of the sunlit water and the outline of the kidney-shaped pool set off by the clean contours of Mel’s back create a look that the retro sunglasses and water-melon print bathing-suit complement wonderfully. And let’s not forget the mysterious girl at the other end of the pool. Just perfect!

Mel Suicide1The model has been heavily photo-shopped but I think there are sound artistic reasons for doing so. The photographer was clearly going for a flat finish with no fussy details to detract from the impact of the shapes and colours.

Mel Suicide2

I’ve been a fan of Mel ever since she burst on to the scene in Front magazine. She was a real breath of fresh air. At that time, glamour models were mostly tall with long blonde hair, pneumatic boobs, orange skin and no tatts. Mel was the exact opposite of all that. I just thought she was as cool as f**k!

I especially love that she’s so recognisable. You could pick her out instantly in sillouhette and no matter how much anyone tried to photoshop the lady you’d still know that it was her. She’s like Mickey Mouse! That level of uniqueness makes her the perfect subject for this inspirational set.

Mel Suicide3 David Hockney1

Love Mel’s Bum
More Suicide Girls

Large or Small?

Big Butt  small butt

So what IS going on here then? One girl, two bottoms! Take your pick – large and curvy or small and cute.

I think the smaller butt is the original but it’s a beautiful picture either way. The two versions have both been floating around on tumblr for a while without any credit that I’ve seen.

So who is the photographer?

Who did the cheeky photoshopping?

Who is the enigmatic lady?

And I’d love to know which of the two versions does SHE prefer?!

Check out “Large or Small Part Two” here.


Notonix by Jeff Tuliniemi I get tired of seeing nudes that are photoshopped to the point of being cgi so it’s refreshing to stumble upon something like this. From Reading, England, Jeff Tuliniemi is a new name to me, but the results of his collaboration with Rachel Notonix are brilliant. Such amazing skin tones and fine detail achieved mainly with the use of good old fashioned light and shade. If I was a model I would be beating a path to this guy’s door. One to watch in 2015. This is from the photographer’s Model Mayhem page:

My passion is to create something beautiful, which has drawn me towards fashion and beauty as two of the areas I like to focus on. I’m also drawn to the challenges of street and reportage photography and experimenting with various studio lighting techniques. I like to draw from each of these photographic styles and mix them together with just the right balance. In many cases doing this allows me to push the boundaries a bit in order to create something fun and interesting. I really enjoy the unique challenges each shoot or assignment brings.

More from the Rachel Notonix shoot Facebook Blog

Dynamic Nude Photo Workshop

The Dynamic Nude Photography Workshop is an amazing seven-day adventure into the beautiful mix of sculpted red sandstone, deep blue waters, anasazi ruins and immense rock formations that is Lake Powell, Utah. We’ll work with the nude female form against these backdrops, both on the large scale of the grand landscape, and the more intimate landscape of the slot canyons, where the curves of the canyon walls resonate with the lines of the human form. In addition to focused projects collaborating with models each day, there will be plenty of opportunities to make a wide range of landscape images as well.

Our world-class instructors will help you advance your photography to the next level. You’ll learn how to collaborate with our beautiful and talented figure models, through posing, directing, and effective communication.

Over the course of the Seven Day Workshop, we’ll travel by boat and foot, camp on pristine beaches in spectacular locations, and we’ll explore some of the most remote and beautiful canyons on the lake. This trip is an unforgettable opportunity to learn from world-class instructors while experiencing and exploring a truly magical landscape. Don’t miss out – experience the Photographic Adventure of a Lifetime!

Two of the pictures in the amazing gallery above feature the model Nicole Vaunt.

Adorée Villany

Adoree Villany1

Adorée Villany performed a kind of refined striptease that unveiled her body as an artwork.

Born in Rouen, she was completely self-taught as a performer. Alone in her bedroom, she performed little plays of her own composition, despite stern opposition from her mother and aunt.

She began performing nude dances in public around 1910, although it appears she posed nude for photographs as early as 1906.

She first captured the public attention with a Salome dance in which she not only performed the Dance of the Seven Veils but simultaneously spoke Salome’s final monologue from Oscar Wilde’s play.

She favoured classical, mythical, and Oriental themes because these provided greater opportunites to use daring costumes that generously revealed her flesh.

In 1909 she performed her one-act femme fatale play, La Panthere, in which the heroine, wearing a spotted leotard, performs a strange panther dance for the man she loves before strangling him.

Supplementing her repertoire with dances that interpreted paintings by contemporary artists, Villany performed throughout the capitals of Europe, but it was in Germany that she found her largest audience. Villany’s nude performances were attended largely by upper-class aesthetes and held in private homes or in spaces she rented for the purpose.

When the Munich police found out they prosecuted her for obscenity, but she was acquitted after a number of prominent artists spoke out in her defence. However, in 1913 a case brought by the French authorities saw her fined 200 francs for outraging public decency.

She responded to her persecution by publishing Tanz-Reform und Pseudo-Moral in which she argued that reform of dance was equivalent to reform of morality. Undaunted by condemnation of her as a narcissist and exhibitionist, she argued that to overcome a pervasive fear of the female body one had to gaze at it with the same seriousness that one applied to the contemplation of artworks.

She felt that being beautiful was a right and that the assertion of this right entailed displaying her own beauty, which in itself did not transgress any healthy idea of the good.

She included much of the sensational press coverage of her performances and trial in the book and made extensive, unprecedented use of photography to document her aesthetic and associate her work with “high art”.

Apparently she made some films of her dances, too, and in 1913, she took part in la revue en chemise at the Folies Bergères.

You could say that this lady was the original alt model. Way ahead of her time, she deserves our respect, love and gratitude. Over 100 years since it was taken, the photograph looks perfectly at home on this site, and I’d like to think Adoree Villany would be proud of its inclusion alongside her modern day successors and spiritual heirs such as the Suicide Girls and the internet-enabled models of today…like Amanda Jones for example.

On The Edge of Land and Sea - Sugar Pepper Jones

Empire of Ecstasy
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