Lucy Collett

Also known as Lucy Vixen or Lucy V, this Warwick born model won The Sun’s Page Three Idol competition in 2011. Her alt credentials lie more in her shapely curves – she’s a size 12 – her red hair and a certain attitude which is hard to define. I hate to use the word cool but she’s not just straight off the typical Page Three production line template.

I’ve already highlighted some of her work with FRONT when she appeared with Hannah Martin, and this post has been bringing a lot of traffic to the site so I thought it was time she had a solo spot. I’m a big fan and I hope you will be too after viewing this little gallery of Lucy Collett pictures. She’s best known for her chesticles but I think her rear is every bit as impressive! She’s on the left of course in the bottom picture.

frontbotties lucycollett frontbotties lucycollet 001

frontbotties lucycollett 001 frontbotties lucycollett 002

frontbotties lucycollett 003

As I was saying, Lucy featured memorably with Hannah Martin in Issue 166 but it’s a couple of years since she first appeared in FRONT as an alt girl diy so this is now quite a collector’s item. And if you still want more, you can visit the official Lucy Vixen website here.

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