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Crescent Moons

Crescent Moon

This is great but it could have been really great. I’m no photographer but a blind man on a galloping horse can see that it was taken at the wrong time of day when the sun was too high and strong for a back-lit picture. If it had been taken at dawn or dusk it would have been truly awesome. It might be an epic fail but it’s still epic! Love the crescent moons and what a full moon too!

This appeared randomly on my tumblr dashboard and I have no idea about the photographer or model. I’d love to give them a credit so leave a comment below the line if you know anything at all about this picture.

The Buttography of Jeanloup Sieff

Jeanloup Sieff (1933 – 2000) was born in Paris to parents of Polish origin. He recalled his holidays in the Polish winter resort of Zakopane as a period when photographing newly met girls got him hooked on photography. In 1956 he began doing fashion shoots, working all over Europe. He settled in New York for a number of years in the 1960s, where he worked for Esquire, Glamour, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. The clean modern elegance of his images is combined with a cool sensuality influenced by the “new wave” film-makers.

As he grew older, he increasingly concentrated on nudes. 1998 saw the publication of his book Derrieres – “an ode to the bottom – a photographic tribute to 93 behinds, – in all their apple-cheeked glory.”

Venus Callipyge

Venus Callipyge

The Venus Callipyge, literally meaning Venus of the Beautiful Buttocks is an ancient Roman marble  statue, thought to be a copy of an older Greek original. It depicts a partially draped woman, raising her gown to uncover her hips and buttocks, and looking back and down over her shoulder, as if to evaluate them.

The statue’s pose gives the figure a distinctly erotic aspect suggesting that it may represent a story recorded by Athenaeus of two girls in Syracuse who were trying to decide which of them had the more shapely buttocks:

Once upon a time a farmer had two beautiful daughters. One day these girls, getting into a dispute as to which one had a more beautiful backside, went out onto the public street. And by chance a young man was passing by, the son of a rich old man. They showed themselves to him, and when he saw them he voted in favor of the older girl. And falling in love with her, when he got back to town he  told his younger brother everything that had happened. And the younger brother also went to the country and saw the girls, and he fell in love with the other daughter.

When the boys’ father tried to get them to marry someone of the upper classes, they refused, and so he brought the girls in from the country, and married them to his sons. And so these girls were called fair-buttocked by the citizens. And when they got wealthy and famous, they founded a temple of Aphrodite and called the goddess the Fair-Buttocked.

By 1802 the statue was in the Museo degli Studi, now the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, where it remains today.

In 1836, the photographer Famin called it a “charming statuette” but noted that it was:

…placed in a reserved hall, where the curious are only introduced under the surveillance of a guardian, though even this precaution has not prevented the rounded forms which won for the goddess the name of Callipyge, from being covered with a dark tint, which betrays the profane kisses that fanatic admirers have every day impressed there.

It was re-popularised by the 20th century lyrics of the French songwriter Georges Brassens, in his Vénus Callipyge, which paraphrases Athenaeus’ story and ends:

C’eût été le temple de la Grèce/ Pour qui j’eusse eu plus de dévotion
This would have been the temple of Greece/ For which I would have professed the most devotion.

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limage fredhatt-2002-callipyge

Artwork inspired by the Venus Callipyge.

The Butt-ography of Fox Harvard

Fox Harvard4 Fox Harvard6 Fox Harvard3 Fox Harvard2 Fox Harvard Fox Harvard5

Whether it’s in art or fashion, I think in order to last, you have to be smart enough to take more notice of what’s moving in the current and not just what washes up on shore.

American fashion & portrait photographer Fox Harvard tries to consciously avoid as many trends or labels, nevertheless is careful not to stand still and embraces changes, always eager to grow in his life and work. He comes from a background in painting and grew up watching old movies from directors such as Kaneto Shindo, Francois Truffaut, Federico Fellini, which has also shaped his love for black and white work and timeless art. The woman in his images appear strong, feminine and the imagery spreads a sense of nostalgia.


London Andrews

London Andrews by Corwin Prescott

This is a masterpiece on a truly epic scale. Water, rock, flesh – a majestic blend of raw elements – boldly conceived and brilliantly realised.


It’s from Corwin Prescott’s book 50 Models – 50 States.

In October of 2012 I began a road trip that would take me from my home in Philadelphia, Pa on a one year journey to every state in the United States to create my art.

I’m not sure which state this is but the model is the amazing London Andrews. Bravo!

The Photography of Mari Sarai

I wanted to express that the nudity of a woman is not limited to fulfilling men’s erotic desires. She is worthy of respect. A naked woman can possess her own style, independence and strength.

Mari Sarai

mari sarai2 mari sarai3

After studying photography in Los Angeles, Japanese born Mari Sarai worked as a photographic journalist in New York from 1997. In 1999 she relocated to Tokyo and worked as a fashion photographer. In 2005 she moved to London where she has been working on projects including Harper’s Bazaar UK, Vogue UK as well as Dazed & Confused which is where I first saw her pictures.

The exhibition and book NAKED is her first series of female nudes. It’s a celebration of 21st Century women. Sarai’s supermodel and artist subjects radiate a daring sexuality, her intention is to praise women’s nudity through a female gaze, and bring courage to all strong females.

Through her lens Mari captures the moment the model’s everyday constructed persona is removed, revealing an erotic feminine sensuality that is infused with a wild freedom and inner confidence that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional portraiture and fashion photography. The resulting images capture a unique spontaneity; a model plays with a gun in one photograph, a girl writhes on the pavement at night in another. Friends, musicians, artists, editors and models are featured including Janice Dickinson, Alice Dellal and Daisy Lowe.

Interview and more pictures